The BIG tidy up

The BIG tidy up

It is our park and our responsibility to kep it clean.

Clean & Green

Clean & Green 

Join us every Sunday in having a clean & green Lalbagh.

Plastic Free

Plastic Free Lalbagh

Lalbagh is a PLASTIC FREE ZONE by a Govt. order.

Litter Free Lalbagh

Lalbagh has always been a special part of every Bangalorean's heart! After all, it has been a part of our history for 250 odd years, growing in beauty by the season. The lush greenery, tall and age-old trees, a wide variety of rare birds perched on every branch and a meadley of colourful flowers all around, describe a mere glimpse of 'Namma' Lalbagh.
Although we have always been proud of being addressed as, 'The Garden City', we have overlooked our responsibility towards maintaining it.
Today, many parts of Lalbagh are strewn with garbage, including plastic materials such as bottles, covers, etc, owing to the callous attitude of its visitors.
Our aim is to rid this beautiful garden of this nonsense. Join us, join our initiative. Be part of the movement that upholds the heritage of Karnataka! Be the cause that brings back the lost beauty of Lalbagh.

LFL Members . . .

"The Tidy Up" is happening ...

Next Tidy Up Lalbagh : 8th June 2014
07:45 hrs : Assemby opposite "Meera Delicacy" (collect Gloves, Bags sticks & maybe buy a nice T-shirt)
07:55 hrs : A short planning session to allocate areas
08:00 hrs : Enter Lalbagh, get in action
09:00 hrs : Start Moving towards South (Siddapura) Gate
09:15 hrs : Drop Waste at the Sorting Center, Return equipment

Hi There!! Thanks to all the NSS Volunteers, we did manage to collect much of the waste generated during the flower show, and had it sent for recycling. We are now planning on increasing our efforts in sustainable waste prevention management.  Support us, Call us on 9886156696 




Opportunities ...

  • We plan to start counters at other gates of Lalbagh, for which we require
    • 5 Regular visitors (volunteers) for a gate
    • Ability for each member to make it for a minimum of 2 - 3 Sundays per month on time (by 7:45 am and leave by 9:45 a.m)
    • Atleast one (or more) members attend the monthly meetings of LFL
    • Take on responsibility (transport, safekeeping, cleaning if required) of equipment

!! INTRESTED !! SMS "LFL <Gate Name> , <your details>"

 98861 56696 

LFL on 22 September 2013

LFL members on 22/09/2013

LFL T-Shirts ...

Support Little Free Lalbagh . . .

Keeping Lalbagh clean does have some basic costs (for ex. Gloves for us, Sticks, Gunny bags etc)
You will soon be able to buy our awesome T-Shirts from our counter @ the WEST GATE



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