Litter Free Lalbagh - Mentioned in CityPlus

Litter Free Lalbagh gets mentioned in CityPlus -- (Jayanagar, Bangalore Edn. on 8th September 2013)


Namma Bengaluru has a tag ‘Garden City’ and it earned the tag because we have the two most beautiful and biggest gardens, ‘Lal Bagh’ and ‘Cubbon Park’. These two places are still the favourite hub for morning walkers and evening picnickers.
Lalbagh show-casing the brilliance of colours from a variety of flowers during the flower show, held on Republic Day and Independence Day is a huge gem on the crown of Bangalore. But as true citizens of Bangalore, how much of that glory are we trying to preserve? It seems to be fast fading and very soon ‘Garden City’ could be past glory of Bangalore. Take a walk through Lalbagh soon after the flower show and your heart will cringe to see the ugly sight of litter all over the place, though there are enough dustbins placed at strategic points. What has happened to the civic sense of the public? Is this how we maintain our homes?
It was also noticed that, there was litter not only after the flower show (though it’s maximum this time) but it is also on every holiday evening after the families have had an enjoyable picnic but left their trash behind. Just to tell you, it has been taught in schools that plastic can choke the soil leading to soil pollution thereby endangering the growing plants.
Wake up folks! It’s time for some action! There is a group of committed individuals from different professional background in the city who trying to make Lalbagh a plastic-free zone. Ritvika, a CMCA (Children’s’ Movement for Civic Awareness) student with her other friends have joined hands with this force. This group who make their run under the banner ‘Litter Free Lal Bagh’ is all out to motivate and spread awareness to the public. They have jumped into action, literally picking up paper and filth strewn all over Lalbagh and disposing off the trash in a scientific manner. This movement was started on August 15th 2013, the day flower show ended. On lookers were amazed to see such ‘hard to believe’ sight of proactive environmentalists. They too got motivated and joined hands. Friends, it has now been just three weeks long and the awareness is catching on like wild fire! If you are moved and inspired by this movement, come join the force and be a part of this drive. You could meet any of the group members wearing a T-shirt with the slogan ‘Green Up! Lal Bagh’ and register yourself as a volunteer. A pair of gloves, a trash picking stick and a collection bag will be provided (on returnable basis) for your kind action.
Action time: 8:00 am – 9:30 am every Sunday.
Meet us at the West Gate, register yourselves at the Litter Free Lal Bagh counter and you can immediately join the action! You will need to invest only 90 minutes of your time once a week on Sunday; to be a partner in this good cause and “you” can make a difference!
You could reach us on . Website-
We look forward to seeing you every Sunday morning!

-- Dr. Prabha Seshachar

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