Why do you want to pick up trash?

Lalbagh, the name evokes a lot of memories. I’m not certain about the present generation but, surely anyone who is a Bangalorean knows this place. Speak to anyone who has been in Bangalore for more than 2 decades and they surely will tell you a thing or 2 about Lalbagh and many will share a few anecdotes.

While today’s kids are probably happy in Forum Mall, they have lost the joy of walking barefoot on lush green grass.  All these people after they relate to Lalbagh will surely add another line… “… but now, it is so dirty, there is garbage everywhere.”

I wonder how it came down to this.
I wonder what memories we give our future.

A man once said, “It’s not what we create alone that matters, it’s what we leave behind”.

If I were to apply this analogy, we are then leaving behind litter. Is this what we really want to leave behind?

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